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Received June 3rd, 2013
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So many times in life you're offered something great, but most of the time you don't even notice it's right in front of you, and then you miss the boat. I was hesitant at first when I saw the price, but I made my money back the very first day. I'm so glad I didn't pass up on learning your system! Because of the wisdom you shared with me, my life will never be the same again!!

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Mr. and Mrs. Harold Shoemaker
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“How You Can Make Money”

When you join Simple Data Entry, you'll get instant access to the Step by Step Tutorials in the exclusive members area. This access is good for life, so you'll have an incredibly simple way to make a never ending stream of money! It's constantly updated, so you'll be sure to always have all the latest info. The last update was on.

Once inside you'll be given access to a massive database of companies that need you to fill out forms for them, and you can be making money within 5 minutes! There are literally tens of thousands of companies to choose from. You can browse through the list and pick the companies you want to work with. Keep in mind, that there is no approval process and it's completely free to work with these companies! Every one of these companies will accept you. They NEED people like you to fill out these forms.

Next you'll create your accounts to submit data online. We provide all the info you need to submit these forms. You'll just copy and paste the info we have in the members area into the forms on these websites. Most members report back that they can't believe how easy it is to make money copying and pasting data into forms. Once you submit one form, you can start on another. You can do this anytime you want to make money. The more forms you submit, the more you can make! It's really that easy!



These companies will pay you when you type simple ads like these. Imagine how many of these you can fill out in a day!! Now you can see how I have made over $2000 a day typing in online forms just like these!

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from a Simple Data Entry Member

“I have been able to ride all day and just do the data entry at night."

"I just had to write to say that this program has been great for me. I race mountain bikes and I like to train as much as I can. Since I started doing this I have been able to ride all day and just do the data entry at night. It works perfect for my schedule, and it's totally flexible so I can do it whenever it works for me. I'm stoked that my friend (who's a member too) told me about this site."

Jim Santos
Denver, Colorado. USA

These companies need people like you to fill out the forms because it helps them to spread the word about their products or services. When you fill out these forms, you'll be helping them get new leads and they'll pay you a huge percentage for it.

I'll show you which forms that I fill out that make me 75% of the money generated.

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I get to spend time with my family and watch my daughter grow into a woman!

Thanks so much! Words can't describe how grateful I am. Ok, enough rambling. I enclosed my photo in case you wanted to add my thoughts to your site.

May your holidays be filled with boundless joy."

Mrs. Soledad Carillo
San Ysidro, California. USA

Anytime you want to submit forms for a different company, you just browse through the various online catalogs and pick the ones you want. It's 100% free to work with these companies.

“Just Follow These 5 Simple Steps
to Make Money Entering Data From Home!”

Step 1 Choose the companies you want to work with from the online catalog. Tens of thousands to chose from! Instantly start working. There's no approval process. You'll never be turned down by any of them.
Step 2 Login to your online account. From there you access the simple data forms to fill out.
Step 3 Copy and paste the data we provide into the forms. We give you all the text you need to enter into the forms. You just need to copy it in.
Step 4 Submit the forms. The more forms you fill out, the more you can make.
Step 5 (Our favorite) Sit back and relax and watch your bank account explode with money. You'll be paid like clockwork every two weeks!

“How and When Will I Get Paid?"

As soon as you join Simple Data Entry you'll create your account to track how much you made.

You can login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to see how much you'll be paid.

Checks are mailed out like clockwork every 1st and 15th, and in the years we've been doing this, we've never had a missed payment!

You'll make between $20 - $100 per transaction. The more forms you submit, then more you can make. Members report making $200+++ per day.

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“Look at the screen shot below, one of our members was paid $3,400+
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